The couple next to each other at the ceremonial table of the wedding ceremony at Quinta das Riscas, captured by the wedding photographer.

Again a wedding at Quinta das Riscas


The couple next to each other at the ceremonial table of the wedding ceremony at Quinta das Riscas, captured by the wedding photographer.

When the wedding photographer comes back to Quinta das Riscas, photographing a new wedding is, always, a great pleasure. First, because this place claims for photography, and has a special call for the gathering of the guests always surrounded by the serenity of the space and, second, because I am always very well received by the owners and the very professional staff that make sure the guests have everything they need in the right time.

To be with Sofia and Ricardo during the get-ready ceremony I only should expect that this place was a sign of perfect accomplishment,  until the end of the day, because, here, I did some of the best photos of my entire career. From the garden, that I have been seeing growing up and become when the end of the day magnificent light decides to lay down over the place, as usual,  a fantastic scenario for the photography session with the couple, just before the smashing party, which it was. Just see the photos. 

I, always, leave Quinta das Riscas with a great sensation of a job well done, really, as a wedding photographer.

At the hairdresser with the bride.
Building a hairstyle for the bride.
Hair being reconstructed for a perfect hairstyle for the bride.
Laughing sister of the bride.
Bride laughing between her mother and hairdresser, out of focus.
Looking to the side, the bride smiles.
The bride is always eager to laugh while she does her hairstyle.
Looking in the mirror, the groom thinks about how to get his shirt right.
Mother and godmother take care of the groom by fixing his shirt cufflinks.
Detail in the placement of the cufflinks.
Groom looks to the side.
When wearing the vest, the groom looks up.
Godmother of the groom adjusting her shirt with her wedding suit jacket.
The groom smiles happily when he is ready.
Portrait of the groom at his parents' house.
Bride's shoes on an armchair.
Wedding dress hanging in the window, with shoes on an armchair.
The wedding rings on a box with an ornamental candle.
The bride's bouquet.
The father kisses her engaged daughter on the forehead.
The women of the family tighten the bride's dress.
Bride with her mother and sisters as they help her with the dress.
When placing the earrings.
Reading a congratulations card the bride received.
Discussing with the bride details in a mirror.
Putting on the bride's shoes, sitting and reflected in a mirror.
The bride checks the flowers in her bouquet, sitting while she waits to leave.
Bride looking at the bouquet.
In the mirror, the bride with four women happy with her.
After everything is ready, the bride photographs and smiles with the bouquet in her hand.
Bride seen through a half-open door.
Bride under light poses for the wedding photographer.
The father talks with his daughter before leaving for the wedding ceremony.
The bride's exit ready to go down the stairs of the house.
The father helps his daughter out to go to the wedding ceremony, reflected in a mirror.
Bride laughing with happiness, still in the car, when arriving at the ceremony site.
Overview of the wedding ceremony site, with guests.
Arrangement of white flowers and salmon at Quinta das Riscas.
Guests seated, ready to receive the bride and groom for the wedding ceremony.
The groom waits for the bride at the ceremonial table, in the midst of the seated guests.
The bride's car enters the wedding ceremony site.
Supported by her sister and father, the bride gets out of the car.
The father takes his daughter on the way to the ceremony site, where the groom is waiting for her.
The bride, with her father, arrive in front of the groom ready for the wedding ceremony.
Groom attentive to the officiant of the ceremony.
Bride listens attentively to what the person performing her wedding ceremony says.
Some guests while watching the wedding ceremony.
Bride sitting with colorful flowers behind, blurred.
Father of the bride attending the ceremony.
Boy watching what's going on.
The groom looking ahead.
The groom reading the vows.
The bride with a party look talking to the guests during the ceremony.
Girl with the wedding rings between the bride and groom.
Wedding guest takes a picture during the ceremony.
Happy mother of the groom.
The groom at the time of exchanging rings.
Bride in great joy puts the ring on the groom.
Bride and groom, seen from behind, at the ceremony site with large palm trees in the background.
At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom under sheets of colored paper.
The groom wipes away a tear of emotion.
Emotional bride at the end of the wedding ceremony.
Satisfied little boy.
Decorative flowers inside a box with bows.
Grooms and guests watch and listen to a song.
The bride's brother and friend sing a song in her honor.
Leaving the ceremony under flowers thrown by a boy.
Bride and groom with guests for congratulations.
Couple congratulates the bride.
Bride with bouquet in hand among guests.
Groom speaks with guest.
Friend of the bride hugs her.
Satisfied bride.
Little boys playing with soap bubbles.
Girl with two others playing.
More flowers pots in the wedding party space.
Set of cards with phrases to the bride and groom and the wedding.
The bride gives a kiss to a child.
The bride and groom enter the wedding meal room very happy.
At the meal table, the bride and groom look at each other.
Mother of the new one celebrates the beginning of the meal.
Father of the bride celebrating them.
Groom's mother looking very happy.
Wedding guests hugging each other.
Bride with friends looking very happy.
Sister of the bride with a festive look.
Mother snuggles her baby boy during the wedding meal.
Friends of the bride celebrate with her.
Exchange of affections between a brother and a sister at the wedding feast.
The bride looks to the side with a satisfied air.
Girl dressed as a pirate during a prank at the wedding.
Little boy looking admiring, wearing an oriental hat.
The bride's brother dances with her.
The bride's brother in a straw hat in a dance routine.
Dancing bride in sunglasses.
Smiling bride and groom in the middle of the trees, during the photo session.
Newlyweds at the photo shoot with the bride leaning against the groom's shoulder.
Bride with hands over the shoulder of the groom in a beautiful pose.
Bride and groom opening a gate in pose for the wedding photographer.
Newly married among flowers and lamp in a tree at Quinta das Riscas.
Sitting down, the bride and groom enjoy the evening sun at Quinta das Riscas.
Portrait of the bride by the wedding photographer, with flowers and palm tree in the background.
Bride, in black and white, in a tunnel of light in the session with the wedding photographer.
The groom leaning on a rock at Quinta das Riscas.
With arms crossed, the groom poses for the wedding photographer.
The newlywed couple on a swing.
Looking into the distance at a tree with bottles hanging from it, the couple looks happy.
Bride sits on groom's legs and receives an end-of-day light.
Bride in front of the decoration of the entrance to the party room at Quinta das Riscas.
The first dance.
Embracing, during the first dance, the bride and groom open the dance floor of the party.
The bride looks at the groom as they perform the first dance of the evening's party.
The bride speaks into the microphone to thank her guests.
In a dance step, the bride directs choreography.
Bride and groom sitting back to back during a game at the wedding reception.
Grooms and her father play at the opening of the buffet.
The bride hugs a family member during the wedding reception.
The couple distributes gifts to the guests.
Bride prepares to throw the bouquet to the singles present at the wedding.
Bride's brother in fun costume.
Mother of the bride dancing with other guests.
The bride's father dressed as Xutos and Pontapés with another guest.
Wedding guest to pretend he is a member of Xutos e Pontapés during the party.
Guests dressed in colorful attire in prank of the wedding party.
Groom with colored ribbons on his head next to the bride.
Groom with wedding guests dressed in bright clothes singing.
The wedding cake on a decorated table at Quinta das Riscas.
The newly married couple cuts their wedding cake at Quinta das Riscas.
The groom and bride, back to back, enjoy the fireworks at Quinta das Riscas after the cake is cut.

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