Again a wedding at Quinta das Riscas


Coming back to Quinta das Riscas, to photograph a new wedding is, always, a great pleasure. First, because this place claims for photography, and have a special call for the gathering of the guests always surrounded by the serenity of the space and, second, because I am always very well received by the owners and the very professional staff that make sure the guests have everything they need in the right time.

To be with Sofia and Ricardo during the get-ready ceremony I only should expect that this place was a sign of perfect accomplishment,  until the end of the day, because, here, I did some of the best photos of my entire career. From the garden, that I have been seeing growing up and become when the end of the day magnificent light decide to lay down over the place, as usual,  a fantastic scenario for the photography session with the couple, just before the smashing party, which it was. Just see the photos. 

I, always, leave Quinta das Riscas with a great sensation of a job well done, really, as a wedding photographer.

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