Again, one more wedding photography


This is one more photo that could not be done. Some time ago I posted another one but in black and white. Today, when I was looking for another photo for the post, this one come to my eyes you already did it but you can not repeat it but…whispered to me, my little red devil, the one always telling me not to. But…

 Watching both I realized that they are not the same, even if they are. I can read in this photo the way how women live and react to wedding things. The dressing, the hairdressing, the make-up, the shoes, etc. In this photography, we have a reaction to them all. Since the get ready the bride shows herself. Better, a group of women of all ages waits for the appearance of the bride. The wedding photographer, which was out of the place, decide, at the last moment, that the photo is not the bride but the group waiting for her and change the point of view, and well. So, when the bride shows herself and twirls to show the back of the dress, the group shows amazement keeping the same expressions. I noticed that because I have the other as a giant one on the wall of my office.

Someone told me, once, that if I was not photographing too much on the wedding day. I told him that there are no two alike photos and we can see the different content if we observe. That, the little differences, the wedding photographer must, always, try to find.

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