Algarve wedding at Club Nau in Ferragudo, Portimão


Down to south once more. Club Nau in Ferragudo, Algarve, was my destiny. September was here and the temperature was soft hot, showing us that the hot beach days were at the end. It was the ideal to the ceremony in the beach, without an unmerciful hot sunny day for someone used to cloudy days and rain and give us a nice and comfortable ceremony and celebration moments. It was good for the wedding photographer.

Gemma and Tomás, like that if it was a Portuguese name, come from the beautiful green Island, with family and friends, marry and celebrate in this, also, beautiful beach in the south of Portugal.  In good time they decided that with such an amusing group confirming the idea I had about the Irish people and his ability to have fun, sense of humor, and taste for life. I can not forget their baby who, as a hero, passed all day with fun until the end of the party.

My walks to the south, to photograph weddings, confirm that desire I have to photograph people with people around that just ignore me and let me taste everything to catch the best moments. Today, it happened again.

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