At the entrance to the wedding in the Church, by the photographer

Also, wedding photographers take advantage of the half a dozen photographic clichés that exist since photography was born. The sunset with palm trees, a group of leafless trees with the sun over them, the old wall with a wooden gate already eaten by time, the blue cracked enamel plate with the door number, etc.

One of them, which I like more, is the silhouette. Usually, a human body is cropped on a light background, showing only the cut in the space without details or textures. The church’s entrance are very good to give to the wedding photographer silhouettes that can belong to the photography history. But, calm down, that is not so easy to do. If it was only about the photographer’s technique, it seems that it was only needed to be there, photograph, and go.

But it is not. We need a series of elements, let me call it chances, that need to get together in such a way that, with the help of my trickster angels friends that, sometimes, give me indisputable help and others just plot me, transform that moment, but only that one, and offer me everything in place so that the silhouette provides me a great wide smile at the moment I edit that photo. But, only with that. Do you understand now?

Silhouette of the bride at the church door for the walking to the altar, for the wedding ceremony.

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