At the wedding, the bride and groom leave the ceremony under the eye of the photographer


People’s movements can generate great subjects for any curious photographer. It is not a public street manifestation for some reason but, only, a celebration of the just married couple. It is not so different the approach, even if it is always much alike, never is, because the surprises the wedding photographer must be aware, depending on the state of mind of the group, the form of the space or, even, the way the weather wake up on the morning.

Because he does not have any control over the people’s movement, the wedding photographer must make part of the process, he must find the best point of view, moving fast if the wave change direction ending always with kisses, hugs and I wish you a very happy life.

I must say that is the moment, better, the sequence of moments most unpredictable that I find during the day. I know, I perceive, how it starts but, when moving, the changes are so much different from event to event, couple to couple, or space. But because of the unpredictability is what makes the wedding photographer drive it and never a problem. It is always a part of the job done with a smile and, most of the time, well.

The bride and groom out of the church of Igreja de Santo António em Reguengos de Monsaraz at Alentejo.

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