The groom laughing with satisfaction, moments before leaving for the ceremony as seen by the wedding photographer.

At weddings, there are so many for the photographer


The groom laughing with satisfaction, moments before leaving for the ceremony as seen by the wedding photographer.

   There he is again. There are many things that the wedding photographer tries to take with him, he is a very selfish person who wants everything for him and does not let him quit for a second such is the quantity and, even, the quality, of the happenings, worthy of a photographic camera lens with pride for what it does.

Most articles, written about what the wedding photographer does, are about them and it is hard to come back to the same subject when he is finding one, for one more publication. Sometimes I say to my clients, in the meetings we have to find a harmony of points of view, which is something a photographer cannot do without, that their wedding will be no different from all the others where I have been, that a wedding is a wedding.

Well, we…forget it, I always have been into so many that I do not believe in novelties anymore, and, do not be disappointed, but that is how it is.

    Well, the wedding photographer already spoke too much, he wants to be sincere, and then he disappoints the couples and they do not want anything to do with him. But then, are you not tired of always doing the same thing?

No, no way, because weddings are all different from each other. Wow!!…so where are we? Or the mister photographer, that is what they call me at weddings, is already crazy or in some way confused with so much photography in your life.

Well…maybe it is, but, think about it, a wedding day has a structure that, no matter how original you want to be, you can not start with the cut of the cake, go on to the ceremony of the ring, then jump to the dance floor with everybody vibrating with the rhythms and, finally, take a little hop to the house, or another place, to get dressed in whatever clothing. There is something that you can not change.

     Now, what the wedding photographer knows is that he will never find, at a wedding, two identical faces, neither in any place nor at any wedding, where he was doing what the photographers do when they were hired to be.

After that, he knows that each of those faces will never repeat the same smile like that one of his lenses has already picked up elsewhere, none of the guests, that pleased him so much, will repeat the interaction that others have done in the past weddings. None, but none, wedding dress, even if similar in cut, makes a bride like the bride of that day.

The uncles, the cousins and everybody there, because they come from different places compared to the others of the other weddings, will, for sure, do like the flocks of starlings in the late afternoon when they are looking for a place to rest on their long journey. Despite making that dancing cloud, as if they were moving with the sound of a symphony, they only listen, it is never the same, ask the starlings photographers, they exist, and that, proudly, shows them in diversity, size, and beauty.

   I could, my dear and desired possible clients, continue giving you that reason why yours like the same wedding will be completely different from all others. But, for me, because they dazzle me and never let my lens quiet, the one that adores them, I rest with the smiles.

They will be so much and so different from each other that, in the humble opinion of the wedding photographer, only for them, it is worth you take me with, to yours.

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