Babies, baptisms and christening photographers


Babies and baptisms. We call subject every and any point of attention of the photographer that can result in a photo. It can be something in the moment, it can be a theme that the photographer chose for a serie of photos or a day with several themes but connected with some sort of conducting wire.

Usually, babies and baptisms are closely linked. A baptism photographer, when invited to cover one, knows that he will find a baby. And what could be a better subject to a photographer? Because, today, the best way to photograph, an event like that  is to tell a story in photos, the christening photographer does not loose any time and point his lens to the main subject of the day, the baby.

I must say that it is, at least, challenging. Everybody love that naughty look, those little fingers caressing the mother, that shameless laughter to the father and that is possible, I wrote it here before, if the photographer knows how to do it in the intervals, because a baby is completely unpredictable doing is job to prepare and get dress. I may say that I have being doing well with my technic or, after all, the babies are very benevolent with me, but, I am sure, it works.


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