Baby goes to wedding under the eyes of the photographer


Who does not feel some emotion about this. A several month baby in the middle of a group of grown men in the way to a wedding. I could not find better environment to the get ready of the groom. The father groom must, at the same time, get dress himself and make pretty dressed the very infant son under witness of the wedding photographer,

No problem because he had a lot of help. Even if I do not put here all the photos, I assure that all the team knew what to do  with the little adventure companion. One at a time, to let the groom get ready to be in time at Club Nau where the ceremony, and party, took place.  Not every day a wedding photographer have an opportunity like that.

Maybe, in future posts, some more photos will complete this adventure. I must say, also, that the little infante was completely in the mood, always laughing about the situation knowing that he was participating in something very important and funny. All that the with the guarantee seal of the wedding photographer. 

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