Bride and groom, characters and the photographer in the wedding day


Characters. That is how I like to bring to photograph the couple on the wedding day. Because each one, or just one of them, like to live some role or because the wedding photographer, after the time we spent together, in his imagination, give them a role to perform in the session that, as we move on, they will love.

It is not because I wanted that Marta and Paulo, suddenly, become others just by the joy of the wedding photographer. Nothing more wrong. We will go just playing, because this is a joyful day as if we were in an imaginary movie taking advantage of the scenarios around us, near or inside the venue, where the party is going on with the guests.

I may say that it is in those moments I like to be the annoying and never satisfied director always proposing new spots, look at there, fantastic to this composition, if you stay here I have this fantastic point of view, go inside and out there, yes, great. There is always one more imagined photo that I need to find the right spot, but the guests are waiting for them, they want my characters back to open the dance…well…ok…boooring. But, let’s go. Well, I am not that annoying…but…sometimes…maybe I am…But they were wonderful on the album!…

Couple, standing, locking each other between two trees, unfocused.
Newlywed couple, among blurred plants, looking away.
Just married couple, fun, looking out of the picture.
Groom with a hat, in the photo session in the the wedding day.
Bride between blurred trees, under a golden afternoon light.

Some photos from the session with the couple at Casa de Reguengos em Vila Franca do Rosário, Lisboa

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