Bride and Groom in the colors of the night in Lisbon


I love to photograph the bride and groom session at the end of the day when that warm, but soft, the light starts melting with everything in the front of the eyes. The especially that fast moment before sundown. Not exactly to use the sun itself, which is very popular, but to use that light kissing all those and what I want to photograph.

But my fascination comes with that mixture, when just happens only for a few minutes when the sun is already in bed but just before the close of the eyes to quiet night sleep, with the glow of the lights that transform day to the night of the beautiful city of Lisbon.

It is in these few minutes that I see myself as the wedding photographer I was made for. Because I know that I only have some moments with the fantastic light, fresh take care of me, coming I do not know from where, that most of the time, It is a great surprise for me the way that blessed light hug the sensor of my camera to the joy of my couple, and mine. To be a wedding photographer have this thing.

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