Bride and groom in the streets of Sintra


I love very much when it happens, but it is very rare. Leave the Church where the ceremony was and go down to the village, Sintra, crossing the streets until the party site and, in the meantime, photographing all the way. This will put the photographer in his preferred beach.

It was like that with Ulrica and João. Children from Sintra and with the knowledge of all the streets, walls and stairways it could not be another way. One of the things I like in my work it is when I do not need to think about and decide what and how to do, and no, it is not laziness. When the photographed decide what to do, it seems that the improviser photographer come to the top and, I do not know why, I can do much better. The only thing that cross my mind is to rejoice and profit the moments with my cameras and lens.

Maybe the photographers, and the wedding ones are not different, are a bit parasites and when they find a scene in the front of eyes, here they go with the camera in the eye with the right lens to catch it up, like a bee on its way to a just open flower.  It is not because they are bad, it is like that, they say that is more spontaneous. Or it is laziness? It doesn’t seem that, because those who witness those photographers in weddings know they are tireless in the search of…spontaneities. Maybe I am like that, also. Am I?…

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