Bride and groom in the woods taking photos


I love very much to photograph inside the woods. Because I feel myself very well surrounded with old trees and twisted branches, foliage with thousand of yellows and thousand and two hundred greens, some hundreds of grays and lots of other colors. This ambient always excite my imagination which I love to transform in outfit as if I need to complete the clothes of the couple.

With that I can do everything a child love to do in the middle of the woods: peeking through the branches, hiding between the foliage, running by the footpath faking surprises, finding some pipe transforming it in astronomy lunette as if the couple was a couple of moons far away in the universe, well…childishness of the wedding photographer with problems to grow up.

That is a fact, photographing the bride and groom session in this environments bring to me this more or less oneiric imagination that I try to put in photos where, in some way, I blend the scenery with my first photographic subject: the couple. And, like that, it does not seems so childishness this wedding photographer.

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