Bride and groom with the photographer in the wedding day


Despiste the couple, before the yes and after it, be the main subject of the photos I will made over the day, I can find a substantial other subjects offered by the guests that, here and there, the wedding photographer can loose the attention over the couple, so much he can find as if the wedding was a full eating table and him a real glutton.

That is why I have to go looking for them, every now and then, specially in the venue, because they can not stay out of their most important day. After some search, here they are, I find them, again, talking to someone a long time out of the view, to thank the presence of someone who was there, remembering something to the organizer of the venue or as dancing stars with more or less art but with great fun.

That is why I ask myself if I am working or in leisure. That leisure which, instead of a nothing doing laziness, is a delivery with that joy when we dedicate ourselves to something. It seems to me, I already wrote here, that if was not for the going and coming, it was in a wedding where I loved to deliver myself to that leisure. Well, not everyday, but…

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