Bride in the aisle


The wedding day have several key moments and one of them it is the entry of the bride and groom with the parents in the ceremony space. For the wedding photographer, it is very funny to see how the companion do the way from the door to the altar or ceremonial table. Mothers of the groom will be subject on another post. But with the fathers of the brides we could do a thesis about how the intensity of the affection can be showed in several meters, as if they come from the light itself in the door, until the penumbra near the solemn altar stone.

I never found a father that did not show oneself, in that range, the love for her daughter. We may, but I never did. However the way they behave into the delivery task can be very variable. The institutional father, very focused with the function, very serious, straight and just looking to the front. The melted one,  do not care about anybody and his eyes only glow to the daughter as if she was the only thing that matter in the world. The occasional, usual stuff, no need to worry with a hand in the pocket and the other in the daughter hand. The funny guy, looking to everybody saying nervous jokes and, once arrived, threaten the groom if you do not take good care with her you know what would happen to you.

It is one the photos this wedding photographer assume with great responsibility. And, at the same time, I do it with great pleasure  observing how love and affection can manifest even in the symbolic acts of outgoing. Yes, it is good to be a wedding photographer.

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