Bride little details


There is a word in the weddings providers, photography, decor or animation that is very used in the all of the wedding universe. That word is detail. The way of tell the day in photographies is very cinematographic. If instead the finished movie we have access to the story board, which originated it, we find the story described in very large spaces, cross-cutting used in dialogues or the great face plane which made us feeling happy or simmering with the caracter.

In the wedding it is not different, at least the way I see it. My lens walk around the scenes as if a story board, not designed but well known by the wedding photographer, was redesigned all the time as the action will develop.

Details are one of that things that we need to be attentive. Sometimes it is just a do it fast or it is no more, other times we have all the time and expect the right moment to the photo or, yet, we can experiment several solutions that show them selves as the photographer will try them. Yes, it is nice to do details.

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