Bride, at the hairdresser, surrounded by purple colors.

Brides, hairdressers and the photographer’s frenzy in the preparation for the wedding


Bride, at the hairdresser, surrounded by purple colors.

The bride at the hairdresser is always a great subject for any wedding photographer. For several reasons. Because they are curious people and they love to explore all the possibilities of points of view and, also, because they still have time to explore, and they like to try all the possibilities with their lens. Also, they like to be challenged, as much as it is possible, to diversify all the compositions they can find with their main subject, always in the same place.

Sometimes reaching space even before the bride starts is a transformation process. I could only find a small corner and sit down, saving strength for the long day, and once in a while pressed my camera button. But, something is going on and I am always seeing photos before they happen, and it is impossible to stay quiet and let them go away.

Between the fast hands and arms of the hairdresser, through those always present bottles in a place like that, between the giraffic lacquer cans, peeking through flowers in a vase or, yes, my favorite, mirrors. Do you know that in the hairdresser stores, we can find lots of mirrors? Do you know what mirrors are for this wedding photographer? Well…I do not even say!…

It seems obvious that I just said that this wedding photographer, at the hairdresser with a bride, is better than in a children’s garden with kids left on the loose. It is addictive. It causes a frenzy. It…

Smiling face of the bride, before starting the get ready of the hair.
Happy bride smiling while doing hairstyle.
Bride and her mother in the mirror, at the hairdresser.
Finishing the hairstyle with tiara, at the hairdresser.

Some photos of a bride getting ready near Cascais.

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