Brides in the car to the ceremony


There is a photo that, repeatedly, I make part of the wedding album to my clients. It is a photo from the bride in the moment she enter in the car that will drive her to the ceremony place. To the wedding photographer it is a challenge because it is a very fast moment, with unpredictable gestures where the confidence in the cameras and lens is very important.

By the aesthetic side I find here something that pursue  me since I photograph people. The frame. Building a game of unfocused elements, as the lens aloud it, and framing it with the car structure elements it is something that challenge me and, usually, with nice results.

At the end, what matter it is a photography that attract the pupils from someone with photographic loving eyes. I may say that is one of the photographic exercises of the day and, most of the time, I do it nicely. That is another step why I like to be a wedding photographer.

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