Can it be a wedding photography?


Sometimes, when we are in the wedding photography process, and even if we do everything in the rules to make the perfect photo, we can not do that one because, in the exact moment to shoot, some little devils decide to change the action and that expected moment or never happen or it is just…a moment without…that. Other times it seems that some friendly little angels decide to put everything in the right place at the right moment and, yes, it is a moment. The clicking moment must be exactly that, because the things, especially in the bride get ready, drive so fast that those little things that can produce a great photo the vain photographer must be with all full attention. To me, this photo, from Miriam in the makeup process, is one of them.

Why do I think that? Well, the composition was very well chosen, with some at ease, the lens used to cover that action, too. Now I need the right moment where the bride’s face must be the main subject and the make-up artist, only noticed by her hands and tools preparing the bride face, with all care and professionalism. Now, I needed, to be perfect, the right light in the face. But the time was passing and I was not satisfied with what was in the frame. But, suddenly, the hand with the brush and the other brush just appearing, gave me the idea of a painter, as if the bride’s face was a canvas with an almost done painting process and not just a frame done by this wedding photographer. That was the moment. At least for me and I like it very much.


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