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The photographer and who take care the bride, on a wedding at Penha Longa Resort

THEY AND THEY by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER It is not worth wanting to have another opinion. The bride is the center of the wedding day. The groom has is roll, but he can not compete with the bride. She is the princess, the queen that fulfill all the empty spaces. However, the glamorous presence grows… Read more »

The photographer, the bride and the car on their way to the wedding

NEVER GET TIRED by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER Are the wedding photographers thankful by the fact that is on the weddings they earn theirs life needs? I feel so. That is why I can not help myself but bring some more photos from the brides going in the car to depart for the wedding ceremony,… Read more »

The photographer after the yes, rice and flowers at the wedding

NOW, IT IS DONE by the PORTUGAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER There is a moment where, the wedding photographer feel, that the state of the spirit of the wedding couple change,  when seated in the front of the altar of a Church, with priest as the only person at their visual space. Behind them, we have, always,… Read more »

The photographer without rest, at weddings

IRREPETIBLE by the LISBON WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER When I started photographing weddings and decided that was the new path for my photographer profession, I asked myself a question, because I know me. Do I will have the patience for doing every the same thing, after some time? This thing of the weddings is always the same… Read more »

The wedding photographer and the year that made him miss, a lot

THE YEAR THAT WAS NOT AND THE LACK THAT MADE ME FEEL by THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER For about 33 years as a photographer, living from that, I already passed through success moments, of breaking, changing direction but never, I repeat, never felt the taste of zero. Zero in the amount of work, zero in the… Read more »