Changes until the wedding party, by the photographer


Sometimes, the wedding photographers does not know some of the changes and loose the timeline to follow. This can happens because it is something that the bride and groom does not know, because someone was in charge to update me and simply forgot it or because it was a real surprise hidden in a top secret mind or, still, a gift from someone which the photographer does not count for anything.

Because of that, the wedding photographer must be, all the time, very attentive to a very small change of the circumstances, every not scheduled stop or some people move, out of the usual. So, I must have all my tools near my hands and, at the any small sign, find, quickly, where to park the car and run to the center of the attention.

This is because these photos that might not have been if the wedding photographer wasn’t all the time in the state of alert very high and detect that something different was happening, in the front of him. I had no idea about what was going to happen. The only thing I knew was that, to know the way to the venue, a church was in my left side and the Quinta da Ramila was only a few kilometers ahed. That is why it is good, sometimes, to be one of the last to leave the ceremonial place, with the couple. Everybody seems to know what was gonna happening, except the wedding couple… and me. And no one remembered the poor wedding photographer. But I can not complain about it, I am, all the time, saying that I want to be invisible.

Bride and groom change transportation for the wedding party.
Bride seated in the cargo place of a moto bike.
Groom ready to drive the cargo moto bike, with the bride in the back until the wedding party.
Wedding couple seated in the back of a cargo moto bike in the road for the wedding party.
Bride and groom arriving at the wedding party seated in the moto bike.

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