Changing with the photographer, in the wedding ceremony


Being part of the group of wedding photographers takes me, not only registering, also, witnessing a day in the lives of others. And we have this days, with so much to change that they deserve to be well registered. There are moments in our lives that have the magic to change us. We change habits, we change place, we change aspect or atitude. Even if, most of the time, it is a slow change, the decision is always, using the language of the wedding photographers, in a moment. That decision happening there, in the time of a lightning, can change us forever.

But the most of our changes are part of a continuum that, like a scene in the edition of a movie, is a slow change and when we look back, after some time, we do not even recognize who we were at that time. We can call that, living. It is like in a road trip, sometimes, the landscape changes slowly and others abruptly because it just changed or because we were moving faster. Question, what this is about weddings?

The moment of the swear with the yes to each other, in the wedding ceremony, may be just a ritual with no changes ahed. But it changes. It change the way they are going to assign each other, it will be my husband and my wife, it will change the way how officially they will be accepted by the state, it will change the way the community accept and identify them in gathering relations, etc. Those two moments, witnessed by the wedding photographer, where they say, without no doubt, that yes to each other, all that will change. Because they wish, because they love and that is a very beautiful thing to witness. 

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