Children in the baptism day and photographers


I learned, since the beginning as a baptism photographer, that photographing a little child must be done with his spontaneity and never try to pose her to photograph. Never works. Usually, everybody surrounding the child starts to give her advice and her, wisely, finds a way to lose interest or, worse, use that way they have to say you are boring me: cry.

That is why the baptism photographers must find, inside the normality of the communications between family and the kids, those moments that, if well noticed, will sensitize those that will bring those photos in the front of the eyes. So, to do that, they must develop methods to find a point of view, some guessing and that fastness needed to that glimpsed moment. Maybe, the best help for the photographer, with kids, is his fastness to react.

This is because a child works at a speed that is not very useful to make a photo possible. With them it is very…it was. That is why the best method is to become invisible, let the curiosity establish the needed connection, and fast than you expect all the conditions to photograph, and well, appear in the front of the camera. That is an always renewed challenge because each child is unique.

Emocional talk of a baby and his parents before the baptism.
Seated baby in the front of his parents dressing for the baptism.
Baby sitting to put on his shoes before going to the christening.

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