Color and colors to the photographer, in a wedding night


Color, is that thing that can be the object of fascination to the wedding photographer or a big complication. I have been here several times writing about my relationship with colors and photography. I am a bit extreme, it can lead me to peaks of excitement or those little stones in the shoes that ruin completely our balance when walking. Harmony. That is the right word when we talk about photography and, especially, about color.

Whatever the subject, wedding, fashion, or architecture, one photo to be considered as good as it can contain, internally, a harmony, a balance inside, and, at the same time, tell the story to tell. In my modest opinion, not always the color, better, the colors do behave inside a photo to assure that balance. I used to say that colors are jealous of each other and there is always one that, because of a bad temper, tries to unbalance the harmony of the shapes that, by the wisdom of the photographer, did everything right.

But when the wedding photographer detects that one, with everything in place, his heart starts to beat like a drum in the drummer solo, and he does not rest until picked up and, proudly, will show her with all the splendor. A photograph is an act of emotion-based knowledge. There is a learning curve that teaches how to find them and bring them, which is far from the simple and modest, fact of being a wedding photographer.

Couple, hand in hand, under yellow light with blue background.

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