Completing the puzzle by the photographer, even if in a wedding ceremony


I do not want to show an exhaustive number of photos of the wedding and just find some that are enough to describe the process and able to show the state of mind of the presents in the ritual.

I found some photos from a wedding that was a delight to photograph. Elisabete and Nelson wedding accompanied by their twin daughters, and son not present in this selection. I have already shown, here, some posts with the relaxed side of I do not have an idea what I am doing here, from some kids, followed by this is not over yet I want to go to play outside. Father and mother completely immersed in obligatory ceremonial and daughters wishing the end of it. These things have the magic to attract wedding photographers.

Of course, this is about these more institutional moments, where the behavior and attention are essential to be part of the process and bring good memories from it. It is about me to show these two different ways of being part of a puzzle and in the future show it to some elements that, because the age, are not able to retain in memory for a long time. But the wedding photographer was there.

Sister girls entering the church for the parents wedding.
View inside the church with the couple in the front at the wedding ceremony.
Couple seated in the altar, listening the priest in the wedding ceremony.
Bored-faced girl during the wedding ceremony.
Little girl, in the wedding ceremony, paying attention.
Bride, in the wedding ceremony, paying attention to the priest in the church.
Groom paying attention to the priest, in the church wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom listening the priest, before the weeding rings ceremony.

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