Connections for the photographer in a wedding day


It is done. Now it is time to go. After some hours stealing moments to give back, the wedding photographer is a good thief he give all back, when bride and companions transformed themselves and forwarded to this planned moment. The door was open to make way to a bride for a beach transformed in a wedding celebration altar.

I use to call those the connection moments. Like those necklaces that need some little links to connect main decor artifacts and, without them, the necklace never was. Like this, the wedding photographer transform those moments in photos, sometimes unexpected, that, when linked with the main chapters of the story, get ready, ceremony and party, will complete the story. I find, always a lot.

Because the spontaneity, they are a desired subject of the wedding photographer wishing to be fast to observe and execute. Everything is too fast, the destiny can not wait, even if, sometimes,… we wait. There is always some unexpected to make the difference in every connections. Like the one that will happen in that beach, transformed in altar, shortly.

Some photos of the way to the wedding in Club Nau, at Paria Grande em Ferragudo, Algarve where the ceremony will take place and so the wedding party.

If you want to know something more about the Algarve Wedding Photographer, you can see why he photograph weddings.

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