Context and wedding photography


Enjoy the context. When photographing the couple, the wedding photographer has, at least in the way I see it, the only opportunity of the day to be, completely, autonomous in the decisions because he is not subject to the flow of the action, which all the day is imbued. Here he can decide what to do, what lens to choose, where to place the couple, and, especially, decide what is the mood and texture he wants in the photos about to be done.

It is true that every photographer developed what is the slang we can call his own photography or style. This means that to do so, he developed a series of techniques in the use of his gear, adjusting the way how to observe, he learned how to direct the couple and, with that, he built to photography that proud him so much.

I am not out of the last paragraph. I think my photography is recognizable as mine for someone already in contact with it. But what makes it alive are the differences that each couple prints on them, the place we chose for the session, or the choice of time of the day with that special light. That is the context. A perfect photo is that one with all those elements. That built the senses when viewed by different persons and at different points of time. That is the obligation of the wedding photographer.

Bride and groom walking hand in hand in a black and white photography. He use a tall hat and a cane.
Photography of the bride seated and the groom near with a tall hat in hand and with a cane.

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