The wedding couple sitting on a bench at Praça do Rossio in Lisbon.

Dating in Lisbon by the morning


The wedding couple sitting on a bench at Praça do Rossio in Lisbon.

Lisbon, once again. As much as I photograph in Lisbon I will never repeat myself even if I pass and go through the same places as I have done over time, with and without a camera. That Baixa de Lisbon never ceases to amaze me with its texture by the corridors between buildings we call streets, squares, and other things that exist there.

The morning, early as arranged, surprised me as soon as I arrived at Rossio. Fog, not much too thick but enough to save the film production some euros with mists, made on request. For this wedding photographer lover of clear and transparent light could have been a disappointment if it were not, at the same time, my sense of challenge for what is there, as always normal on wedding days. And there I have a gentle Lisbon with gentle light street backgrounds touching softness with transparent silk environments.

So we walk, Patricia, Ricardo, and I for which Pombal conceived thinking about photographers at any time and fervor in the eyes. At Rossio we began, the empty Augusta street with no people, and with the awakening of the terraces preparing for the day that will come soon, the offered of their walls, where this morning fog light purrs through the notches of the windows and doors coming to my lenses as an order, guessed by experienced scenographer to serve their customers well.

Sé and Castelo served as a tour with smells of beautiful flowers, castle battlements without warriors, but of lovers capable of swear, like those of the Knights, to their maidens of old days: forever.

What was here stayed here and it shows how everything, that was written above, was true. However, the photos always have a very way of speaking to those who see them, and who see them with their own eyes. I hope Patricia and Ricardo, with them, will come to tell… one day. It is the desire of the wedding photographer.

With Lisbon to the Castle in the background, from Rossio, the couple, in the pre-wedding session, looks at the Convento do Carmo.
On a terrace on Rua Augusta in Lisbon, the bride and groom in conversation.
Strolling hand in hand along the Ria Augusta in Lisbon, the bride and groom go up to Rossio.
The bride and groom at trams street in Lisbon, in the dating session.
The bride and groom in front of an old store, in downtown Lisbon
The bride and groom looking into the distance, with a Carris tram behind them, at the pre-wedding session.
The groom and the bride, sitting on the stairs of a church at the end of Rua da Conceição in Lisbon.
With the church doors in the background, the bride and groom look at Rua da Conceição in Lisbon.
Portrait of the groom in downtown Lisbon, in the elopement session.
The bride, leaning against a balustrade, with Rua da Conceição in the background in Lisbon.
The bride and groom together in a Carris tram, at the pre-wedding session.
Looking at postcards and hats in a shop in Lisbon, the bride and groom embracing.
The bride and groom on a street on the way to the Castle in Lisbon.
The couple embraced on a walk during the pre-wedding session, in an old street in Lisbon.
Portrait of the bride next to an old castle wall in Lisbon.
The bride and groom sitting on a stone bench at the Castelo in Lisbon, during the courtship session.
Bride in front of very old trees, at Lisbon Castle.
Portrait of the groom, in black and white, in front of the old walls of Lisbon Castle.
The couple, in the dating session, walks inside the Lisbon Castle.
Sitting by the trunk of an ancient tree in Lisbon's Castle, the bride and groom rest in the courtship session.

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