Sitting on the groom's lap, on a swing in Peninha Park, the bride looks at him.

Dating in Sintra at Peninha

Sitting on the groom's lap, on a swing in Peninha Park, the bride looks at him.

Since my adolescence, the Serra de Sintra has entered me into the body and soul. I remember the time when still possible, I camped with my friends in the lagoons in front of the gardens of the Palace of Monserrate and we made the trip a walk of absorption of that fresh air, the colors of the old trees, and, sometimes, from that fog of Sintra that transports us to another dimension in the eyes, nose, and skin.

Although, by the dazzle, this landscape, urban or natural reaches me as an almost mystique sensation and I never felt the need to photograph it. I’ve never been a landscape photographer. However, I think it was there, in Sintra, village, and mountains, that I unconsciously awakened to photography. Whenever I can and I have to photograph someone, for the portrait, almost the first scenario that comes to mind is the Serra de Sintra.

It was with Cátia and Luis plus the great responsibility of Luís to be an excellent landscape photographer. The wedding photographer in the natural environment of the landscaper photographer.

At the end of the afternoon gives at the top of the Serra de Sintra, on a sunny day, ambient light that, in the middle of that old forest with lichens and vines embraced the trunk of the tree in a celebrated attempt with the sun on top of them it is a must for any photographer.

The dating sessions allow this freedom. Allow the photographer and couple to meet and feel free to do each one their part on the wedding day: the bride and groom get married and the wedding photographer shoots.

The photographs resulting from this day should never be the result of the presence or imposition of the photographers but a result of the knowledge of the photojournalist. The result is wedding photography that will really tell the story of the day. The courtship session should be the introduction.

The bride and groom inside the branches of a tree in Peninha in Sintra, in the dating session.
Bride hugs the bride in the green of the Serra de Sintra.
Portrait of the bride in a pre-wedding session at Peninha in Sintra.
Portrait of the groom in Peninha in Sintra, in the dating session.
The bride walks through the Peninha forest in Sintra.
The bride and groom sitting on a rock and laughing a lot.
Sitting on the swings of Peninha in Serra de Sintra, the bride and groom in the pre-wedding session.
Together in the late afternoon in Peninha, the bride and groom embraced.
The couple in the pre-wedding session walks along a road in Serra de Sintra.
With their faces together, the couple with the green of the Serra de Sintra.

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