Details in preparation for the wedding, by the photographer


Mirror, bride, and mother. The wedding photographer could not expect a better subject. Several times, in the moments the bride is being prepared for her great day, I found myself as a wind vane, or as they call it in my home town, like crazy chicken, not knowing how to move such as the number of things happening at the same time around me, in that final bustle before the departure for the ceremony.

They are the family members peeking through the crack of the door, they are the aunties just arrived that want to kiss the bride before she is ready, it is the father needing help for the necktie, there are the two kids running into the wrong place and it is the wedding photographer fitting in the middle of that tornado, trying the best point of view for all those things.

Suddenly, there is that moment where everything became quiet, stopped and the wedding photographer only sees what he sees in that beloved mirror. The daughter bride was practically ready and the mother set the earrings as if it was the last chance to give affection to his beloved daughter. How I love those moments. It is as if, for a glimpse, I was offered an irrefutable gift. Fast came and fast was gone and the hush hush returned, as it should be. The gift, of course, was for the wedding photographer.

Bride photographed trough a mirror of a closet door, with her mother placing her the earrings.

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