Elopement session in the streets of Braga


When I was remaking my siteblog, unintentionally, I erased an elopement session with some sadness about it. I told myself that I would reset that post but, because the process become long and complex, only now I revisited the arquive to pick up the photos of Sónia and Tiago session.

I must, also, say that they are friends of the wedding photographer and it would unforgivable let them out of here. So, today, that is my task. Tiago is from near Lisbon but he found his partner in life in someone from Braga, Sónia. It was there, in the afternoon before the wedding, that we walked in the streets of the city and we brought these group of photos and more not present here.

It was a nice walk, even if in a wedding eve denoting some anxious souls, which it is very obvious. To the wedding photographer it was very good, because woke up from the long trip and received a fast knowledge of this beautiful city. Although the end of October the day was warm appealing to the walk, something that does not happened in the nest day, but it is another story. Yes, the wedding photographer will tell…

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