Elopement session


The couple in the Serra de Sintra, among the foliage of the trees, embracing and smiling, in the elopement session with the wedding photographer.

Before and after. It can be a symbolic moment but the wedding day will change the life, habits, and even the psychology in the life of a couple. The wedding photographer, chosen by the bride and groom, will be around the couple all the wedding day at the same time, all present and not interfering in the process which only belongs to the couple and their guests.

The e-session with the couple before the wedding day makes all sense, at least symbolically, in the way that the couple can have the notion of the two moments of their life: before and after marriage. On other hand, this session allowed the couple and the wedding photographer to begin a bond, a trusted handsome at ease which will be better on the wedding day. Each part will do its job without worrying about the other part. It will be, also, a nice pleasure moment with the wedding photographer doing what he likes to do and the couple, most of the time, having a new experience and, possibly, no more repeated.