Grooms looking ahead, in their beautiful city, in a photograph by the wedding photographer in Guarda.

Engagement session in the city of Guarda


Grooms looking ahead, in their beautiful city, in a photograph by the wedding photographer in Guarda.

In the city of Guarda that afternoon of mild temperature, soft light, fresh and light air, despite the ringing of the ears of the wedding photographer due to the rapid rise of altitude, awaited our arrival as well as Ana and Francisco.

A walk through the beautiful old granite town, with Ana and Francisco as cicerone served, at the same time, as a setting for our elopement session of the day before the wedding. In a single session the next day, this couple would be declared husband and wife. But that’s for another story.

As a wedding photographer, my image is fundamentally based on black and white and the city of Guarda served, as you can see, like a glove as a backdrop and subject for this photographic afternoon.

My couple lived with the anticipation of the next day for what the session went through in that state of mind, scaring away those thoughts about the things that would still be necessary for the big day.

As always, for the wedding photographer, the session was fat and it had to be my wife, Lurdes, to remind me that Ana and Francisco would have to get up early and still had so much to do that they, by their sympathy, did not remind me. There was always one more photo to do…

The wedding couple looking at a piece of copper, in a store in the city of Guarda.
The bride and groom choose postcards about Guarda.
The bride and groom in front of Casa do Bom Café in the city of Guarda.
The bride and groom, seated on a granite step, next to an ancient wall, also made of granite.
Hand in hand and sitting at a table on an esplanade, the bride and groom in a square in Guarda, in the courtship session.
The bride with her arm over the groom's shoulders, looking away.
The bride and groom laughing and looking at a motorcycle, at the pre-wedding session in Guarda.
The engaged couple, in the dating session, look at themselves in the mirror of a motorcycle.
Inside a tarp in Guarda, the couple smiles looking at something.
The groom, serene, on the threshold of a granite door.
Sitting on the floor of an old street in Guarda, the bride and groom look at each other laughing.
The bride among blurs, in the pre-wedding session.

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