Entertaining the bride


Being, at the same time, mother, aunt and bride and one that bring with her all the chicks, that never stop to be around, it is a very good call for the wedding photographer that does not like just to be there, waiting for something once in a while. It is just to be there and profiting, because the photos are always happening.

While aware and diligent hairdresser careful look after the hair of the bride, her chicks find all the ways to take care of her, just how the kids always know how, some not understanding well what is happening, and will give to the wedding photographer all the joy, the contentment smiles  that, one day, will be viewed with pleasure. At least, it is what I imagine…or desire.

In fact, I do not imagine someone that could consider a wedding day cover something very boring, with almost nothing interesting to photograph and only a small pocket of photos can show how it was. If there is someone that think like that, let me tell you that this wedding photographer never stop and where we find people we find photos to do. Because we find people in a wedding you can imagine. Like that.

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