Euphoric moments at Quinta da Cheinha, for a good wedding photography


There are some moments, in the process of the wedding day, that are fabulous to pick up inside the wedding photographer cameras with a great crop of photos. During the speech of an inspired or comic speaker or, something usual in these days, when a small vídeo is projected in the place, about the bride and the groom that provides, always, fun moments, some dazzling with memories almost forgotten and adventures unworthy of pride from unreasonable adolescence.

Of course, it is a gift to the wedding photographer and he takes advantage until the last laugh. It is a special magnet attracting his index finger constantly making photos with the button of his camera. It is a restlessness in the quest of new points of view, that better direct the lens to the faces with some euphoria reacting to what is happening in the big screen.

But because a party is something that goes on, the wedding photographer find, always, another subjects. Those almost end of the party happenings, that do not let his cameras rest, even if it is time to the couple, guests and, of course, the wedding photographer find some rest because the day was long, full and enthusiastic.

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