Everything serves to photograph at a wedding


Friendship and how we do care for each other, again. The best thing to bring solidarity in a group is to give a task to be fulfilled, such in the form of an opinion, correcting something, or for the patience in waiting.  The girlfriends of the bride, in the way to be, are, in fact, entertaining themselves, helping with the make-up or giving an opinion in the front of the mirror.

It is the obligation of the wedding photographer to find in those processes some sort of being those birds that like to steal things to his pleasure and continue to do it with all the moments that did not give him rest, as if he was in an orchard with fruits always ready to pick up.

That is, exactly, in those moments that I notice that connection between people, in the way they care for each other, dedicated to improving who is by his side, how they accept an opinion and, at the same time, they let the wedding photographer doing the main reason of his presence. And he takes advantage, of course.


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