Father and daughter in the walk to the altar


The way to the altar could be the subject of a book about what could be happening in this small walk until the father, symbolically, deliver the daughter to someone she will be with, after that, during a lifetime. It is true that today, fortunately, those rituals do not have the property duty that belonged in the old days. Today, the daughter is just her daughter and he does not give her to anybody. Even after the marriage she always belongs to him. Without a doubt. But, even with the changes, this symbolic act goes on.

What matters to me is just to achieve a photo that shows that those two persons are connected with strong bonds and go to a place that both wishes and desire. But when editing the photos sometimes I find myself thinking about that short but intense walk. Well, I end my thoughts. I am just a humble wedding photographer.

But let’s move on. Let´s go and stimulate our a bit our imagination, not mine because with a camera on the shoulder and another in the eye I have no time for that. The photograph is my job, I believe. But what is going on in the mind of the father during that course? What does he say to her? Is he happy? Is he blushing with emotion? Is he giving her the last advice? Or just paying attention to not stepping on the dress of his daughter? Well, I could not say.

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