First dance, another moment of the wedding day


The wedding day is a sequence of small rituals and symbolic moments. That is why the wedding is a commemoration day. The first dance is one of the last of the day. For the first time in their life and, after the ceremony that declare them husband and wife, the couple will perform for everybody, as stars of the day that belong to them.

It is a moment of great responsibility from the wedding photographer and, as it concern to me, I have no problem to say that it is the only moment, of the day, that I do not have a clue how it  will happen in the next minutes. All the technic of the wedding photographer must be at the service of that moment, special the capacity of to guess and react to the fast movements that will happened in a moment to come. I assure you  that it is a fight against the unexpected and wishing that, some how, those two faces will give me a together that deserves a great photo.

Pursuing all the twirl and twirl myself, faces that never are in the right position for a photo, the low light do not let me react with the speed that the situation ask for and, at the end, sometimes, the couple stop suddenly because we are no great dancers. I will not say that is my desperation moment of the day. It is not. I just love that. That lack of total control give me additionally energy to find the right way to do it. Until today, when come the moment to show the album to the couple, I always see a nice smile in their faces when they see that chosen photo. That is how I know, seeing their eyes looking for moment, if my eyes saw what they should see. And, at the end, my eyes become very glad, a lot.

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