Flowers, always present in the wedding


The wedding photographers’ way will not be the same if they do not find them, on the path they need to walk on. They are present everywhere on the wedding day. They are in the house of the parents, usually, the bride and groom get ready there before going to the ceremony, with that very expected yes.  They are the bride’s best company, sometimes in the hair, sometimes as decorative motifs on the dress, and, especially, in the hands of the bride. They are carried in a small pocket by the groom. They light the way among guests until the ceremony chairs. They are in the ceremonial table, in the Church, or in the green of a Quinta.

They are at the guest’s tables and the wedding couple. They are in the garden, where the photos are picked up. They, the flowers, are, maybe, the strongest symbol of the wedding day. That is why the wedding photographer must not forget them, because they are always present and because they attract my lens that loves to experiment every way to catch them, the flowers, with different angles and create photos trying to be never inferior to the beauty of the flowers.

They, also, attract the best we have. The love for beauty, harmony, the attraction for the color or, simple, by the aspect of the flower which is always beautiful, regardless the size, shape or species. You are so beautiful as a flower, I hear to say to the bride all day. So, how the wedding photographer can forget that attention to the beauty around him and everywhere since he arrives until he goes away with the job done. Well done, I hope.

Bouquet of the bride photographed under a green background at the wedding party place.
Bride doing a selfie with a guest with the bouquet in her hands.
Floral arrangement in a hanging basket in the wedding party.

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