For the wedding photographer, the space of the ceremony also counts


Spacious. Some churches are small, very welcoming where everyone is very close. Others are huge, and everyone seems too small. Wedding photographers love that because they can use their technic to work what we call scale. The means they have, their lens, can work differently depending on the kind of spaces where they are working, at that moment.

I have some difficulty, not technical when approaching the subject. Because I am completely pointed to photograph people, sometimes I let not have much time to dedicate myself, and my lens, to the interior of the church but even that small amount of dedication is a worth that never must be left behind. I see that the little churches may not give me great full-bodied photos, usually more tender, but the huge ones may become a photographic breathtaking.

That is why I find always a moment, between the moments of the ceremony, that does not need my attention, and find some points of view that allow me to approach the church, or other photographic interesting ceremony space, too, after, deliver to my couple that chose this place to the ceremony of their wedding. That is why the wedding photographer’s work becomes so complete and incorporates other forms of photographs. Architecture is one of them.

Inner view of the Basilica of Mafra with bride and groom and their guests.
The magnificent Mafra's Basilica with priest, bride and groom and guests.
Interior of the Basílica of Mafra during a wedding.
Vista do interior da Basílica de Mafra num casamento.
Bride and groom and guests coming down the stairs with the Basilica of Mafra in the back.

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