The bride and groom sitting at a table on a terrace in Lisbon, by the wedding photographer.

From Baixa to Castelo in Lisbon to photograph


The bride and groom sitting at a table on a terrace in Lisbon, by the wedding photographer.

We meet at Campo de Ourique in Lisbon. The electric bus 28 delivered us to the starting point of our journey: Rua da Madalena, just in front of the church of the same name, walking to the Sé of Lisbon, the main church of the city. From there Santa Luzia Belvedere, Portas do Sol showing us Graça and, from there a slow jump do St. George Castle.

Walking and photographing in the streets of Lisbon is something that makes me, always, feel good. There is always a wall to a fantastic background, a vanishing street with a lens lover texture, and that light that becharm photographers, movie directors, painters, or just walkers with good tasty eyes. Paula and Victor were easy models, trip companions, and excellent guides. They directed the movie.

It was a fast morning and the happy wedding photographer could not be more satisfied when the couple approved the result, the photos. That is my life.

The wedding couple on tram 28 in Lisbon.
Groom hugs the bride, seated, on a Lisbon street in the dating session.
Top portrait in black and white of the bride and groom at a pre-wedding session in Alfama, Lisbon.
Pose for a black and white portrait by the wedding photographer, at the Santa Luzia viewpoint in Lisbon.
The couple, in the dating session, with the church in the background.
The bride and groom sitting at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia in Lisbon.
The couple looking at the drawings displayed on a street in Lisbon.
Bride seen through a tunnel of light, on a terrace in Bairro da Graça in Lisbon.
The groom's face when he was sitting at the terrace table for a coffee.
The bride and groom, at the pre-wedding session in Lisbon, with Rua da Conceição full of trams.
Looking for something interesting the newlyweds in Lisbon.

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