From now it is the party ay the wedding


Arriving for the party. The moment of the arrival of the bride and groom is the beginning of the great party. There, the guests and family will show that they are here because of them, now they start the beginning of their lives together, and always they feel the need. The wedding photographer can verify that during the day because he can listen, but especially because he can translate in pictures those affections and wishes.

One of the things the wedding photographer can testify is the relief when the couple arrives at the place of the party. Relief because, always we are standing before some ceremonial event, the tension and nervousness take possession, in a wedding, until the ceremony is over with the big double yes. That is the moment when the eyes shine because the mission was accomplished.

To the wedding photographer, it is not the end of the bustle. Just the opposite. There are not enough energetic couples, joker friends, affectionate relatives, unexpected dancers just until the end of the night and, very, sore feet. Those of the guests, not the wedding photographer…of course!… 

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