Full face photography in the get ready for the wedding


A full face portrait. Like the Moon is always well in any photo, when full and filling the frame, which is a difficult thing because the photographer need a very special and long lens, also a person face gain a spectacular vision when fills that rectangle that we call a photo.

However it is not so simple. A beautiful photo from someone beautiful does not happen just because. We need to choose the proper lens, study the face, does not matter if it is a beautiful face or not because to photography those things are not important, followed by the choice of the most correct point of view, down or high, in the front or profile, etc. To the wedding photographer we need to care about the surround environment, also

I do not feel, in the photographic process of the day, some superior interest by any part of the wedding day. But, before to be wedding photographer, it was the portrait that woke me up to photography, the portraits that I saw in the magazines and news papers. If, or when, I will let the wedding photography behind it is the portrait photography that will fulfill my time as a photographer. There is not, really, other photographic subject that attracts me more.

Beautiful face of the bride in the make up process.
Bride watching herself in an elliptical small mirror.
Face of the bride, in profile, talking to someone.

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