Full house and lots of photos for the wedding


There is a lot to photograph when the wedding photographer arrives at the bride and groom´s house. Some more than others, but there is never a lack of subjects. But that is true, when I find a home full of people I know, in advance, that my cameras do not rest, until the moment to go to the next stage.

Interaction. That is the most important word that can help me to start my job, there. How much more people inside, more is the helping each other and more it is the possibility for the wedding photographer to bring cards full of good photos showing the life of a family, in a very busy morning.

I know that my obligation as a wedding photographer is, always, to bring the best I could find on that special day. But, the experience tells me, that is not me that do the photos, the people in place do them, I just pick them up and keep them in my cameras. The groom, the bride, the other professionals that help them to be outstanding, the family, friends, the light, and even the dog and the cat when they belong. The wedding photographer merely picks them as if they were apples in an orchard in a very good year.

Groom talking to his father with other guests, before the get ready.
Guest being helped with the necktie and groom, blurred, in the front.
Girl, seated, between adult and another child in groom preparation.
Son of the groom seated in a couch with two blurred guests.
Father of the groom helping him dressing the coat, for the wedding ceremony.
Groom and his father preparing to a photo, before going to the ceremony.

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