Fun and the photographer in a baptism day


We are here because of him. May it is what each one of these people, on Miguel’s baptism day, want to say with him on his lap and having fun when photographed by a baptism photographer engaged with that joy. However, I must say that none of those joyful attitudes are for me. There are other photographers and nobody cares about me which is a very good thing to very truthful photos.

Because of that, I always bring with me what was as it was. That is my main goal. They have fun, they eat, drink, celebrate and I take them with me as if each one of those moments will last forever. Eternity is a word that fits well in a photo revealing the truth of the moment. Nothing stops me to find them, there is always one in the corner of the eye that must go with me, after passing through my lens.

I do not know if that is being a baptism photographer or just a photographer. When I think about that, I feel like just a photographer and, some days, I am in a baptism. Just that. It is no different. I have the same curiosity, I have the same attraction to the subject and, of course, I have the same satisfaction when achieved. Probably it is that…I do not know.

Some photos from a familiar baptism in Estoril, Cascais.

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