Fun time at the wedding


We can divide the wedding day into several stages. The get ready, ceremony, gathering, the photo session, the meal and…the party. The party time should be the most dynamic stage of the day. But…well, not quite. We have a full party, a party, it seems we are in a party and we are very well seated here.

I may say that I never guess how this party time will be. Sometimes it appears to me that today this is no people party and, after the first music it is a no-stop until the end of the night. Other days I almost swear a boiling night and…not quit. We have, also, the half parties: one family is a party fan and the other half …no sir.

But if we think that in the venue we find, in the same place, people that are so different from each other and a lot of them do not know each other, it is not easy to create conditions to party for everybody. But, at the end of the day, the wedding photographer always brings a large group of photos from those party people that, always, find on the wedding day.

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