Father of the groom fine tune his tie in the get ready for the ceremony, captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

Gestures and photographers at weddings


Father of the groom fine tune his tie in the get ready for the ceremony, captured by the wedding photographer in Lisbon.

As a wedding photographer, I find, I frequently, those attractions that, always, made me go to gather photographies, that happen in front of me, and one of the most wanted subjects by any photographers, of the wedding or not. I talk about the gestures. Countless in variety, intensity, and shape. Every time I see them, in the corner of my eyes, I feel that they have a special attraction to my lens, that never resists them.

They, my lenses, have a certain inclination in the direction of these things. They never forgive me if I don’t call them and let these affections pass in the form of gestures to fulfill functions, some essential, and others repeat what is already done.

Some of them are very simple. It seems that they are made to be photographed, but they were not. They look more affectionate than a necktie or a cufflink adjustment. I always saw them and confirmed them, later, in the form of a photo as some moments of affection that, at the same time, accomplish some practical things. That is why the wedding photographer detects lots of those gestures when, in the editing, he sees them inside those photos.

They, the gestures, are, without a doubt, one of the most incredible spots of attraction for the photographer who knows that they have an importance far beyond the act itself. His attention is redoubled to the development of the day’s story and to the details, those small acts of love in the form of small tunings that, I repeat, were already in tune.

If that gestures only to accomplish the task of straightening the tie, to assure that the coat is correctly on the shoulders, or bring the cufflink to peek right through his little window, how could I explain why they do it when none of these things need to be done.

It is as if they have the need, with their special touch, the magic gesture, to assure that the groom will go protected by powerful gesture to his new path, with someone that wait for him in a ceremony to say yes I do, also protected with gestures, where the wedding photographer is ready to not let them vanish in the deepness of time. All of them, the gestures, will remain in his photos so that they never lose the power for which they happened.

Rest assured.

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