Groom ready for the wedding and a satisfied photographer


Look how pretty my son is, say the proud mother after that pain with dressing shirts, coats, trousers, maybe a bit tight shoes and some other little things to produce a groom just before to be a husband. Of course, the suffering part belongs to the exaggerated wedding photographer trying to give more dramatism to the text or trying to be funny in a less imaginative day.

But, I recognize that, the getting ready process of the groom is not so colorful as the same with the bride. The subject is more quit, without euphoria, giving to the wedding photographer a more quit execution of the catching. However that quietness must be used with imagination and find the points of view that, in a hurry, was not possible.

Of course, to a restless wedding wedding photographer, the more people get involved in the process more ways he have to find those photos that can complete the story. So, the groom son, after the get ready was finished, had to receive all the affection of the proud parents and full of love gestures from all the presents. As the wedding photographers say, it was a good moment.

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