Guessing eyes of the photographer in the get ready of the wedding


The obvious, usually, does not pick up my interest when I start to photograph, for example, in the house of the groom. That is why when I arrive, as a wedding photographer, my eyes look like those loony toon characters that run at speed light velocity, like Speedy Gonzalez. They become loony and flood my brain with imaginary points of view, from there I can do this, behind there I can find that, and if I hide squatting it will give a terrific photo.

But what my eyes and my brain did not learn, or do not want to because imagining is great fun, is when the fun start, everything that they imagined will not work because the characters do not behave as they imagined before. Thanks for that. If not, even if they were very imaginative, they will come to repeat themselves and that is something that wedding photographers do not like a bit.

That is the moment when some sort of game begins where the wedding photographer thinks that will guess what is going on next and, when least expected, here comes an unexpected surprise, that will be a wonderful gift in the form of a photo. So, by my experience, if someone wants to experience photographing a wedding, do not care about what your eyes and brain start to combine before, because fortune-tellers exist only the fantasy stories. But, mine is still not giving up hope to hit like the people that buy lottery. And, every week, someone wins… 

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