Guests like photography, on a wedding day in Algarve


Not always the wedding photographers choose the couple as their main subject to photograph. Well, it is because of them that they are there, in the wedding, they contract them, but it was the couple that invited, also, all that people doing those things that appeal the attention of a camera with lens, always ready to look sideways and detect subject to compose and pick up one more photo.

Without leaving the attention from the couple, which, benevolently, take me with them for their wedding, if I only depend on them to photograph the day I would have too many intervals and, maybe, my eyes will tend to somnolence, instead of always finding solutions to have my camera and lens very happy. The eyes of the wedding photographer are tireless in curiosity and challenging photographic cameras and their lens which, if they find nothing to do, they have some tendency to boredom and sleep, also.

As you can understand, on the wedding day, the second hypothesis never happens, at least with mine, and the only thing that made them close, the eyes, is when we arrive home to a very deserved rest with mission accomplished. Before that, no guests are free from the attention of the wedding photographer and, when someone is for a photo, photo it is. With these photos, I complete the story of the day of my couple with a yes today. It was only possible because the wedding photographer was there.

A wedding guest photographing with his smartphone.

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