Hands, once more


Hands that hold, protect, and care. During the wedding day, I notice, always, a great share of functions by those that are part of the day. I like to photograph those weddings that after some time living together, and sometimes with kids that need to be cared for, the couple decide that this was the day. Being parents, bride, and groom, they need some help to let them free to the main job of the day.

That was why this photo was possible. Ceremony entrance, baby girl in perfect quietness floats attached to hands that, firms, take her to her place in the ceremony and, for sure, she will be stranger to everything around her. Being a child, almost a baby, in a place that is wanted to be unforgettable could be a difficult task for her.

That is why the wedding photographer was there. He will guarantee that one day,  this baby girl at the parent’s wedding come to know that she was there, too. It is not for vanity and not even because he thinks he is, unconditionally, necessary that the wedding photographer will impose himself with his job. But imagine this baby girl, when she is no baby anymore, and told her that she was there. By the wedding photographer, she will know that she was and she was rocking safely by firm hands that took care of her.

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